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(Last updated: Wednesday 18th July)

Lower Beauly

THE LOWER Beauly averaged a little over five salmon per week in the first three weeks of May. This is some 50 per cent down on catches for the same period in 2017, a pattern that has been mirrored across most of the northern rivers.

The week of April 30 (between 6 in and 17 in) produced three for the RBFS party (two beats) – 10 lb in Stones to C Fell, 11 lb in Ferry to G Rutman and 12 lb in the Glide to P Walker.

Eight were recorded in the week of May 7 (between 9 in and zero). The Harris, Brompton and Mariner party caught three – 9 lb in Ferry to R Forman, 14 lb in Stones to S Mariner and 10 lb in Ferry to N Gardner. The Hockley and Bramall party had five with three in a day (11 lb, 9 lb and 9 lb) from the Falls beat to R Bramall and two in a day (better 12 lb in Stones) to T Hockley.

In the week of May 14 the Milsom, Zizzler and White party landed six (four liced) in the Falls beat by taking advantage of the hydro-induced 9 in rise each evening and fishing in the last hour of daylight: a brace at 10 lb each in Ferry and North Run to Nigel Milsom, a brace at 14 lb and 10 lb in Stones to Paul Zizzler and a brace at 10 lb each in Ferry to John White.

Three fish were lost on Monday May 21 and one was netted the following day. May has indeed been a struggle. – ANDREW GRAHAM-STEWART.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 14th July)
SALMON & GRILSE: Lower Beauly 21.
Total: 21 Largest: Lower Beauly 10lbs
SEA TROUT: Lower Beauly 14.
Total: 14 Largest: Lower Beauly 3lbs
TROUT: None reported

Season review

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