About the river

The North Ugie Water rises in the upland area near New Pitsligo, and the South Ugie Water's source is to the west Bucklay Castle near Maud in Aberdeenshire. Both flow southwesterly through arable farmland and meet at Millbank to form the Ugie. The river then flows for 5 miles to enter the North Sea at Peterhead. Being a spate river, the levels and fishing depend on local rainfall and agricultural drainage.

When to fish

Although the season opens in early February very few migratory enter the river at that time. Sea trout runs begin in late June and continue through the summer months to September - best months July and August. Summer salmon and grilse normally enter the river in July with runs continuing into October - best months August and September. Between 75 and 100 salmon and grilse with an average weight of 8lb are caught annually. In recent years sea trout runs have declined and between 200 and 300 are caught each season. Season: 16th February to 31st October.

Where to fish

The Pitfour Fishing's are the principle fishery on the river. The double bank beat is 11 miles long with numerous pools the most noted being - Cruives Pot, Meadows, Pot Sunken, Scotts Pool and the Flats. In 2007 the owners sold the fishing rights - at present it is uncertain whether the local angling association will have the rights to fish or offer permits to visiting rods.

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Ugie Location

Where to stay

Many fishers stay in lodges or cottages provided with the fishing, but for other alternatives, some of whom can offer fishing packages, please see our list of Banffand Buchan accommodation providers.

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