Haddo House Angling Club conditions

FishPal conditions

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Fishery conditions

Worming is only permitted in September and October.
1. Every fisher must be in possession of a current Permit and produce it for inspection at the request of a Water Bailiff or authorised Club member.
2. Season Salmon 11th September to 31st October
Trout 15th March to 14th October
1. Season permit holders are permitted to keep 1 Salmon for the whole season, otherwise catch and release.
2. Season permit holders are permitted to keep 2 Sea Trout for the whole season, otherwise catch and release.
3. All Salmon caught before 31st May must be carefully returned.
4. All Salmon of 32 inches or more, must be returned carefully to the water, as should all coloured fish and kelts.
5. All Sea Trout caught after 30th September must be carefully returned.
6. All Finnock are strictly catch and release, Sea Trout under 13 inches must be carefully returned.
7. All foul hooked fish must be carefully returned.
8. Only one set treble de barbed hooks per spinning lure allowed.
9. Single or double de barbed hooks only when fly fishing for Salmon or Sea Trout.
10. Worming only in high water, during September and October.
11. Careful handling of fish is mandatory, no lifting by tail or gills.
12. Anglers to keep to fish paths. No dogs allowed.
13. No rubbish to be left on the banks, or discarded in the river. {waste bin at Gurgesdyke car park}
14. At all times anglers should fish progressively through the pools, step and cast, no hogging the pools.
15. Anglers should not cut in front of another, minimum gap of 50 yards.
16. Season ticket holders should submit catch returns immediately after the 31st October, returns should include, type of fish, weight, returned or kept and beat caught on. Gight, Methlick or Tarves.
17. Day ticket holder returns must be submitted within 5 days, stating type of fish, weight, kept or returned, and beat caught on. Gight, Methlick ot Tarves.

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BanffAndBuchan conditions

Salmon & Grilse 1. From 11th February to 31st May (Inclusive) all salmon to be returned It is illegal to take any salmon (dead or alive) from 11th February to 31st March (inclusive) each year. The River Deveron District Salmon Fishery Board will donate one bottle of Scotch Whisky per angler, for safely returning a spring salmon between the 1st April and 31st May (Follow set claim procedure and Call 01466 711 388 to claim) (Strictly Over 18s Only). 2. From 1st June to 31st October (Inclusive), weekly rods may retain one salmon or grilse per rod per day with a maximum of one per rod per week. Day rods to return all salmon. Anglers are asked to observe the Board's aspiration that all hen fish, and any cock salmon over 10lbs be returned. Therefore, the Board requests that only male fish under 10lbs be retained. Sea Trout 3. All sea trout to be returned throughout the season The guidance on sea trout will be in place until stocks recover to acceptable levels. Brown Trout 4. From 15th March to 6th October (Inclusive), all Brown Trout under 10 inches in length to be returned. No more than 2 brown trout per rod per week to be retained It is illegal to fish without legal right or written permission from the beat owner or representative It is illegal to kill unclean or unseasonable fish (baggots, gravid fish, kelts) It is illegal to sell or buy wild salmon roe It is illegal to attempt to deliberately foul-hook fish Only knotless landing nets to be used – it is illegal to use gaffs or tailers It is illegal to fish with prawns, shrimps or salmon roe throughout the catchment and throughout the year Fishing for salmon and/or sea trout on a Sunday is prohibited Spinning lures should have only one single set of hooks with a maximum sized 4 crimped or barbless Anglers are reminded that it is illegal to sell rod caught salmon or sea trout Injured or damaged fish out with the above limits must be handed to the proprietor All farmed salmon and pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) must be retained and notified to the RDevDSFB All visiting anglers must read, act upon and sign a Gyrodactylus salaris declaration form immediately prior to going fishing. If disinfectant is required, please contact RDevDSFB Office (01466 711 388) or your beat Ghillie/Manager/Agent