Dalreoch conditions

FishPal conditions

Bookings made through FishPal's help desk or on line booking system are subject to FishPal's standard conditions. If you haven't already read these, you can see them here

Fishery conditions

To book rods onto to the river please ring John Goodenough head gille on 07880602922

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Ayrshire conditions

Categories for 2018

Stinchar 1
Girvan 2
Doon 1
Garnock 2
Ayr 3
Irvine 3

For the category 1 rivers there will be strict limits in place when it comes to keeping a fish, anglers should check with the beats in advance of fishing and abide by the code of conduct at all times.

For the River Ayr, there will also be strict limits in place and anglers should check with the beat in advance of fishing.

For the River Irvine it will be strict catch and release only.