Bargany conditions

FishPal conditions

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Fishery conditions

GS forms must be signed before fishing.

One salmon only may be killed per rod per day.

The following must be returned with care:
Salmon caught before 31st May
Hen fish caught in October
Strongly coloured fish

Fly only, but spinners by arrangement with Colin Maclean in high water.

Record all fish caught in catch return at the end of each day.


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Ayrshire conditions

The Scottish Government has designated the Stinchar as a "category 2" river. This means that the River Stinchar District Fishery Board has to take appropriate management action to ensure that further exploitation of Atlantic salmon stock is reduced in our river. Failure to achieve this will result in our river being downgraded to a"category 3 river". This would mean a mandatory catch and release of all salmon.

Riparian owners and their anglers, including day ticket holders are expected to assist the Board in its statutory obligations. Bailiffs will ensure that the under-noted Code of Practice for the 2016 season is followed.

1. No salmon to be killed before 30th June.
2. No salmon over 10lbs, or 291/2 inches in length to be killed.
3. A maximum of 2 salmon or 2 grilse to be killed by any one angler throughout the season.
4. All salmon or grilse kept or released must be reported to the controller of the fishing, within 24 hours.
5. All hen fish must be returned throughout the season.
6. All coloured or gravid salmon and grilse must be released throughout the season.
7. All sea trout and whitling must be released throughout the season.
8. Barbless or circle hooks must be used when worm fishing.
9. No multiple (treble hook x 2) lures to be used when spinning.
10. Where appropriate, when unhooking a fish, it should not be removed from the water.
Please note, all kept and returned fish and"‘nil" catches must be included in annual catch returns.


The River Doon Fishery Board has produced this Code to conserve our fish stocks for now and the future.

1. G.S. Forms must be signed by fishers before fishing.
2. All salmon caught before 31st May should be returned.
3. All fish caught in October should be returned.
4. All coloured fish should be returned.
5. All sea trout should be returned.
6. All large hen fish, 10lb/30 inches and over should be returned throughout the season.
7. Limit killing salmon to one a day with a maximum of five fish in a season.
8. On any spinning lure only one treble hook should be used.
9. We recommend the use of barbless hooks during October so anglers can return fish without unnecessary damage.
10. When returning fish please be gentle and do no not lift fish by the tail or gills. Always use both hands under the belly of the fish, facing upstream until sufficiently recovered.
11. Beware of safety on and around the river, and anglers approach the river at their own risk.
12. Please record all fish in your Catch returns.
The board recognises that observance of the Code is voluntary but expects that responsible anglers will observe it as far as possible.

Please spread the word on this Code of Practice. Your board are investing in the future so that we all can continue to enjoy the sport on the River.


The Scottish Government has designated the River Ayr as a "category 3" river. This means that the River Ayr District Salmon Fishery Board has to take appropriate management action to ensure that further exploitation of the Atlantic salmon stock is reduced in our river.

A motion has now been passed in parliament which makes it illegal to kill any Salmon on a category 3 river until further notice. All Salmon must be returned to the river.

The DSFB also recommend that all Sea Trout are returned to the river.

Further information can be gained by contacting the fishery in advance.