Fishing the Ruel

This 14 mile long south Argyll spate river starts as a moorland stream on the northern slopes of Cruach an Lochain.

A number of small highland burns from the surrounding hills meet and enter the river which then flows into a steep gorge and a set insurmountable falls at Dunans and the Castle Pool.

Below the gorge the river is a series of deep runs, smooth flowing pools and fast shallow streams as it flows through the rich pasture/farmland of Glendaruel.

Day permits are available for two miles of the lower river.

Salmon/grilse and sea trout runs begin in late July - depending on the first spate - and continue to September/early October.

The river has been very lightly fished in recent years and currently 10-15 salmon/grilse and 100 sea trout/finnock are being caught annually.

The lower river flows slowly past Clachan of Glendaruel and Waukmill to the tidal waters of Loch Riddon.

The best of the fishing is on the two beats below the falls and the season runs 16th February to 31st October.

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River Ruel