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Anglers are encouraged to adopt a catch and release policy on the River Annan. For guidance on good practice see catch and release PDF.

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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 11th September)

Monday 11September.

Since salmon started to appear in the Solway in any numbers there has been a steady trickle of fish running the Annan with a mix of salmon and more recently, good sized grilse.

After a very dry spring we had good fishing conditions with no shortage of water from the middle of June and salmon soon started to appear on the lower beats. Visiting anglers Mick Scorah and Phil Needham had a good day on Newbie Beat in early July despite the rain landing three salmon between them with 11lb, 12lb and 15lb fish. Mick followed that with a fresh 10lb salmon on Shillahill the following day and another fish lost. These runs of fish continued into July before drying up for a while and then continuing in early August when the first of the grilse arrived.

With good water conditions this summer the salmon have had no trouble in progressing up river and the middle beats did particularly well during the early part of summer despite an obvious drop in angling effort from previous years. During July salmon started to back up on the middle river below where the Kinnel and Dryfe joins and with continued good water during August, salmon and grilse have now reached the upper beats.
Grilse were reported by Newbie Beat in early august with William Pedon landing a fresh run 4lb fish as well as an 11lb fresh salmon. These grilse and late summer salmon have quickly spread through the lower and middle beats of the Annan and although they are not running in huge numbers, fish do appear to be running on most tides which is very encouraging for the future. On a second visit to Shillahill at the beginning of August, Derbyshire angler Mick Scorah landed another fresh salmon of 11lb and in a good water saw fish entering the beat during the course of the day.

With constant water due to rain most days, reports of fresh grilse and salmon have continued with most reports coming from Newbie Beat and Hoddom although there have also been occasional resident fish reported from the middle and upper beats like Derek Thompsons recent fish, a well coloured 12.5lb cock salmon from Royal Four Towns and in late August, local angler Clive Ottewell landed a 15lb coloured hen salmon on Applegarth during high water and also reported seeing fresh grilse running through the beat.
Over the past couple of weeks there has been some very heavy rain most days and due to the high and coloured water there have been a good few fishing days lost on the lower river, despite this both Hoddom and Newbie have been reporting fresh grilse and salmon with Hoddom reporting four fish last Saturday in what was still a big water, biggest fish 9lbs.

Due to the lack of angling effort on the Annan this season any reports of catches have been very slow to come in on most of the beats with a good number of beats virtually unfished. The best updates are available from the Newbie Beat Facebook page and the Fishannan latest catches page on this site although be aware that no fish reported is as likely to mean no anglers have fished.

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Beat catches reported
(week ending 23rd September)
SALMON & GRILSE: Newbie 3, Hoddom 7.
Total: 10 Largest: Hoddom 16lbs
SEA TROUT: Newbie 1.
Total: 1 Largest: Newbie 3lbs
TROUT: Newbie 2. Total: 2.

Season review

season review to follow.