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Various beats on the River Annan


The River Annan is an intimate river that throughout most of its length offers fishing for salmon and sea trout of the highest calibre. Almost the entire river is coverable by anyone with moderate ability with many of the beats offering classic fly water.

Depending on the time of year the sea trout fishing at night is an esoteric pleasure that is becoming more and more popular with visitors and all beats allowing 24hr fishing to accommodate this. The salmon fishing is primarily an autumn affair with very large fish (in excess of 30lb) being caught most years.

The opportunities for fishing on the river are highly varied and the pricing structure is remarkably competitive, perhaps one fifth of that on like-for-like beats on the better-known east coast rivers.

Sunday fishing is permitted for trout and grayling ONLY.

Passport 10 Tickets per booklet. Each stream has a token amount that comes off the booklet.


Kinnel Water
On this fishery there are several shoals of grayling to over 3lb and good stocks of resident brown trout.
Most of the brown trout will be around the 3/4lb to 11/2lb mark but there will also be fish in excess of
This fishery has the junction pool between where the Ae joins the Kinnel.
It has been fished before and has produced good numbers of salmon from September onwards, providing we have water.4lb caught every year. Chub can be found here as well.
The majority of the trout will be in the 1/2lb bracket but surveys have turned up fish in excess of 2lb on regular occasions. The fishery is set in a lovely setting with rich pastures and mixed woodland predominating.
This section of the river meanders through stunning native woodland and rough pasture.
The river is gravelly in the lower two thirds and rocky in the top section.
There are loads of pools and riffles to provide an enchanting days fishing.
Raehills Beat
This fishery skirts around the policies of Raehills Castle, family seat of the Earls of Annandale and Hartfell and Clan Chief Johnstone.
Much of the fishery is in secluded woodland with alder and willow on both banks which gives a lovely 'away from it all' feel.
The upstream end of the fishery opens out into a mixture of woodland and grazing land.
This fishery is on the upper river and is typically between 8 and 15yards wide. It si mostly shallow with glides and riffles throughout.
There will be good hatches of up winged flies and sedges in April, May and June, the best of the brown trout fishing is likely to be when there is a wee bit of extra water in the river.
Boreland Tower
The Kinnel is the Annan's largest tributary and has very good runs of sea trout and salmon. In this section there are numerous brown trout in the 1/2 - 1lb size range.
The sea trout will appear from August and if the water conditions are right the salmon numbers can be very high in late September, October and November.
The river here is made up of long gravelly runs interspersed with pools and rocky outcrops.

Water of Ae
The Water of Ae at this point is mainly confined between two well vegetated flood banks.
There are a series of pools intermingled short riffles and lots of shade for fish. There is a resident population of brown trout up to 1.5lb with a few larger fish.
This section of the Ae is very gravelly and whilst much of it is shallow it has a few deeper pools that hold trout to 3/4lb all year.
The Ae at this point is a streamy river that has long glides interspersed with riffles and pools.
Mostly it is quite shallow but there is loads of fish holding cover.
The majority of the trout will be 1/2lb or so but it is known that fish over 2lb are also present.

Water of Milk
White Hill
The Water of Milk is the Annan's second biggest tributary and has a very large run of salmon and sea trout and a population of resident brown trout.
The sea trout will enter from June onwards and, given water, the salmon will enter from September to November.

Scotland/Annan Beat

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