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Anglers are encouraged to adopt a catch and release policy on the River Annan. For guidance on good practice see catch and release PDF.

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Last week

(Last updated: Friday 24th November)

The grayling season is now underway on the Annan with excellent conditions following the end of the salmon season last week. Cold weather came in towards the end of the week and through the weekend with fish on most of the beats responding although finding feeding fish was at times difficult. This is typical of this time of year when the temperatures and weather can vary greatly from day to day and it pays to stay on the move and cover as much water as possible in search of fish and once found, the sport can be very good.

Despite the cold start to last weekend it didn't last and was immediately followed by three days of heavy rain resulting in the Annan peaking at 7ft during Wednesday's flood. Since then the colder air has returned and the Annan has dropped and cleared quickly since yesterday morning and with cold weather forecast over the weekend again, the river should continue to drop with the upper and middle beats likely being fishable for grayling tomorrow and the lower river being fishable by Sunday.

Winter grayling fishing is becoming increasingly more popular on our rivers now using short and long line deep nymphing techniques but don't forget that even on the coldest of winter days there can be a short hatch with dark olives and midge coming off, even if it's just for an hour at lunchtime. Any kind of a hatch will likely get a response from grayling and it can be a good way of targeting a good sized fish giving you a short break from bouncing bugs along the bottom.

For more information on the Annan's grayling fishing check out the fishery description pages on Fishannan and always check the river levels before heading to the river.

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Beat catches reported
(week ending 16th December)
SALMON & GRILSE: None reported
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

Season review

Colder weather should help to shoal up the grayling and in these conditions attractor patterns with added bright colours work very well, often out fishing the more natural looking flies. Try heavy tungsten bugs with flashes of pink, orange or purple to hold bottom with a smaller more natural looking nymph on a dropper hung above the river bed, it often pays to add small amounts of colour to these natural patterns as well with a coloured tag or bead, again using pink, orange or purple.