Anglers are encouraged to adopt a catch and release policy on the River Annan. For guidance on good practice see catch and release PDF.

Prospects for coming week

(Last updated: Wednesday 27th September)

There are still some reports of fresh fish running the lower river although most of the fish caught and reported recently have been coloured to some degree. With more rain and unsettled weather forecast for the end of the week and over the weekend, fish should continue to progress up the river with the middle beats, the Kinnel and upper river coming more into their own over the next few weeks.

Prime time to fish the Kinnel and upper river is after a lift in water when the river has started to drop in and due the continued rain over the past few months making much of the ground saturated it doesn't take much to put the river up. Likewise the colour seems to be dropping out quickly meaning that the Annan can be fishable with a spinner a matter of hours after a flood has peaked, in particular the upper and middle beats, so keep a check on the Fishannan levels page for up to date information.

The grayling fishing should continue to improve with good hatches of olives and caddis as long as the weather remains fairly mild and not too unsettled. We are almost into October and although these days a hard frost is often a rarity at this time of year it won't be long before we start to see the first signs of frost. Once the weather does start to turn cold the grayling, particularly in the mornings, will be more susceptible to bugs and nymphs fished on or near the bottom but still with the possibility of rising fish in the afternoons when the sun is at its peak.

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Fishing on the Annan

Weather information

In a sport where success can be directly related to the particular weather and water conditions, accurate information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is invaluable. By regularly checking our links to the sites listed below anglers can be well informed on how the week's weather pattern is developing.
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