Angling Club Support Scheme

The Scottish Government have announced a scheme to help registered Angling Clubs to overcome the challenges faced by the recent decision to impose Catch and Release on many Scottish Rivers.

The Government have contracted FishPal to deliver this scheme and its announcement can be seen here.

Why FishPal

We are by far and away the leading booking site for fishing in Scotland with annual page views of over 20 million and a newsletter circulation of 20,000. We have unrivalled experience in marketing and letting fishing.

Why a marketing scheme not a subsidy?

The aim of the scheme is to help angling clubs increase their membership by improving income and reducing costs. That way they then have a better chance of a viable future. Subsidies would do nothing to improve efficiency and would be far more expensive in the long run, as they are so difficult to stop.

Which Clubs are eligible ?

Any club in Scotland which has salmon fishing, is membership based and has registered with us

or ring us on 01573 470612

Is your club registered?

A list of all the clubs accepted into the scheme is here

Catch and Release best practice

What can clubs do?

Most clubs are anxious about declining memberships. A good way to start dealing with this is to reduce the cost of memberships.

To finance this we can help Clubs look at reducing their admin costs and at the same time increasing income though a sensible letting programme that does not affect members ability to fish themselves.

We can help with:

Online Booking system (commission free)

Call centre for telephone booking

Web page on our busy site

Social media promotion (Facebook, Twitter etc)

Online payment of membership fees

Engaging with members via email/text

Better catch reporting

Making accounts easier

What will the cost be?

For as long as we continue to receive financial support from the Scottish Government for this scheme, there will be no charges made for any of the services we provide and no commission will be charged on any lettings made

Inverness Angling Club casting competition 2016