Salmon Fishing

About the sport

Salmon fishing is one of the oldest forms of fishing. In medieval times, it was done by netting as an essential part of feeding a hungry population. In the Victorian era, rod fishing became a sport and it has grown in popularity ever since to become the ultimate type of game fishing.

Despite its elitist image, good salmon fishing is in plentiful supply and isn't necessarily expensive. We hope that these pages will help you get to know the sport and find some fishing to suit you, whatever your budget.

Types of salmon

There are many different types of salmon that are fished for, but the main type is the Atlantic salmon that can be found in rivers adjoining both sides of the North Atlantic, including the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay. There is also the Baltic salmon found in rivers adjoining the Baltic sea to the east of Sweden.

On the west coast of America and Canada, there are other species of salmon, such as Pacific and Coho. They only return to their rivers once to spawn, and die thereafter, whereas the Atlantic salmon returns to the sea after spawning and can comeback to its native river several times.

Best time to fish

These vary from country to country. Important fsheries like Norway, Russia and Iceland can only fish in the main summer months due to inclement weather or local traditions or laws.

In the UK some of the best fishing is enjoyed in the spring and particularly the autumn. In Scotland, which has some of the most famous salmon rivers in the world, you can fish with a good chance of success from 11th January to 30th November, if you select the appropriate river.

Methods of fishing

Fishing is now by rod and line, mostly from the river bank but also on larger rivers from boats. Salmon can also be caught in lakes or lochs and occasionally from estuaries. Most fishing is done using flies, but spinning is allowed on some rivers, as is the use of some forms of bait, although more rarely.

Salmon fishing on the River Dee

Fishing on the River Dee at Woodend.

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