(Last updated: Saturday 18th October)

Weather outlook as at 18 October 2014

East and northeast 5 to 13, 13 to 18 m/s by the southeast coast. Widely rain, considerable for a while in the east part in the afternoon, but mainly dry in the west part. Decreasing wind tonight. Southwest 5 to 13 m/s tomorrow, but lighter wind in the eastern part. Intermittent precipitation in most parts. Temperature 2 to 9 deg. C.

Weather forecast for the next few days

On Monday: Wind becoming north 15 to 23 m/s. Much lighter wind in the eastern half of Iceland until afternoon, but increasing wind there by evening. Snowing considerably in the northwestern part, but snow in all northern part in the evening. Some intermittent snow in the southwest, but mostly dry in the southeast. Cooling, temperature around freezing point after noon, but above freezing poing by the south and east coast.

On Tuesday: Northwest 10 to 20 m/s, strongest in the northeast. Snow in the northern part, but dry in the south. Moderating wind in the west by evening. Frost widely 0 to 4 deg. C.

On Wednesday and Thursday: Northerly wind 3-10 m/s. Light snowshowers in the northern part, sleet or rain for a while in the southern most part but mostly dry elsewhere. Frost 0 to 4 deg. C, but around or above freezing point by the south coast.

On Friday: It looks like rather light southerly or variable wind and some snow- or sleetshowers in the south and west parts, elsewhere fair in places. Still cold.

It is imperative that anglers prepare for inclement weather and take warm clothing, rainwear and a windproof jacket. Don't forget to wear more layers and take extra clothing as the season dictates and also go prepared with protective sunscreen and a hat.

Salmon fishing in Iceland
Esteemed Swedish angler, Michael Frodin, fishing the Hofsa.

Salmon fishing in Iceland
Maria Anna Clausen with a specimen Arctic char from the Vatnsdalsa. Photo by husband Olafur Vigfusson.

Johannes with a monster out of Sela in Vopnafjordur.

Magnus Reynisson's beautiful trout from the lake Thingvellir.

Oli Halldor Haldorsson with the first salmon from the Hvita.

A salmon from the Breiddalsa.

Borgar Antonsson (left), assisted by a British angler, lured this 22lb salmon from the Breiddalsa.

Saevar Haukdal plays a fish on the Langa.

Vigfus Orrason landed eight salmon on the Hofsa.