East coast at Vopnafjordur


Season: 1 July - 15 September
Prime time: Mid July - late August
Extent: 27km long river, double bank
Average catch: 204 salmon since 1974
Rods: 3
Guides: Available
Lodge: Self catering
Notes: Catch & release

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Vesturdalsa in Vopnafjordur is a relatively small river compared to its famous neighbouring rivers of Hofsa and Sela. This lovely river is 40km long and holds both Arctic char and salmon, with an average catch of 209 salmon since 1974. It is fished daily with 3 rods, has double bank fishing for 27km and two waterfalls along its flow. The uppermost waterfall is not navigable for salmon.

The river is divided into three beats that each offer a good variety of fishing and diversity in pools which challenge anglers of all skills. The upper reaches flow through a canyon for 10km with many boulders and holes where salmon lie. Not many anglers embark on this long walk so the pools are normally well-rested and could prove very productive. A notable pool with reliable catches occur is the Efri-Foss pool below the waterfall and the take is normally at the tail.

The middle beat starts from the second waterfall and the river runs through grassland and is defined by curves and banks that afford excellent holding places. The fishing lodge is located on the middle beat. Djuphylur and Storholshylur are the two most productive pools on the beat.

The third and lowest beat of the river runs through flat landscape with endless pools and low cut banks that gives good fishing for both salmon and char. Joumlt;rgenspollur pool normally performs well early in the season and Skeifan pool can be full of salmon shortly after entering the river system.

There is plenty of elbow space, exciting sight casting for salmon and a great variety in pools which make this river so fascinating for fly-fishers. Like its neighbours many big salmon have been caught in this pearl of a river in recent years, several exceeding the 20-pound mark. The fish counter on the river is showing an average of 400 salmon entering the river system and about 20 percent are multi-sea-winter salmon.

The self catering lodge has a fully equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms and a bath. The fishing lodge easily accommodates 6 people and is by all standards offers comfortable and relaxing accommodation.

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