100km south-east of Reykjavik


Season: 24 June - 20 October
Extent: 12km, double bank
Catches: 2,400 in 2008, 1176 in 2009
Rods: 8
Guides: Available
Lodge: Self catering lodge per 2 rods, sleeps 4
Notes: Fly only, double-handed rods recommended

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Tungufljot is rated as a large river by Icelandic standards. The water is gin-clear and offers endless pools for fly fishing. This is an extremely scenic river which has everything to offer for fly-fishermen: long, slow, moving flats, waterfalls, fast streams, many islands and magnificent flora on the riverside. The water level is always very steady as it comes mainly from spring sources.

The Tungufljot river system is one of the biggest in Iceland. The main river is about 30km long which is fed by three attractive tributaries which join the main river on the upper reaches, together with several other smaller tributaries and sight streams. The rebuilt salmon ladder at the Faxi of Tungufljot waterfall has worked really well and huge numbers of salmon are able to navigate their way upstream.

The 2008 season in Tungufljot was highly productive with 2,400 salmon being caught on only four rods. This places Tungufljot among the best average 'salmon per rod' rivers in Iceland. A good number of salmon over 20 pounds were landed, the largest of which was a huge 26-pounder.

Accommodation is provided in comfortable self catering summerhouses - one house for every two rods - and is included in the rod prices. There are beds for four people in two rooms. The living room includes a TV and a radio. On the veranda there is a jacuzzi and a gas barbeque. The lodges are just few metres from the river bank, close to the waterfall Faxi, which provides a really beautiful view. Anglers can stay at one of the full service hotels in the area for an extra cost - see letting conditions for details.

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