Svarta in Bardardalur




Season: 1 June - 30 August
Extent: 8km, double bank
Average catch: 300-400 brown trout
Rods: 4
Guides: Available on request
Lodge: Accommodation at Svartarkot farm
Notes: Fly only, catch & release

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The Svarta river flows north from Svartarvatn lake through the Bardardalur valley in countless twists and turns before joining the glacial river Skjalfandafljot.

The Svartavatn lake and the many small springs on the south and east bed of the lake make up the important spawning grounds for the huge brown trout population to be found in the Svarta river.

The Svarta river boasts a high percentage of brown trout in the 3-6 pound category and several larger ones are hooked every year, often breaking leaders and bending hooks.

The Svartarkot farm offers comfortable self catering accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, 2 bedrooms, wc and shower. You have the choice of using your own sleeping bags or made-up linen beds can be provided at an extra cost.

The Svartarkot farm is nested on the shores of Svartarvatn lake and due to its elevation it provides a spectacular view of the surrounding vista of lava fields, dormant volcanoes and mountains, all the way to the Vatnajokull glacier in the south, the largest glacier in Europe.

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