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Grindavik is a peaceful and beautiful Icelandic fishing town on the south coast of the Reykjanes peninsula. Life in Grindavik has to a large extent evolved around fishing since the time of its settlement around 934AD.

In the last few years Grindavik has grown significantly as a tourist destination with its local population of about 3000 people, most of who base their livelihood on fishing or a fish-related industry. Grindavik alone provides more than 40% of Iceland's salt fish production with one of the most active harbours in the country.

Adventures sea tours

Sportsailing is a family-run business located in Grindavik and the owners are highly experienced fishermen with more than 30 years at sea as captain and first mate on various fishing vessels. They offer all kinds of standard day sea tours for individuals and groups. Also, they can customize tours to your personal taste or fulfill special group requests. Their goal and hope is that their customers enjoy the wonderful experience of sea angling, whale watching, bird watching and photographing in the magnificent landscape which surrounds Grindavik town and the nearby Reykjanes peninsula.

Siggi Thordar GK197 is a beautiful and strong vessel of 24 GRT and was built in 1975 in Akureyri from traditional Icelandic oak. It has been refurbished and renovated for passenger comfort and fitted with all the latest safety equipment that complies to the highest standards of the Icelandic Maritime Administration. Siggi Thordar has brought thousands of tons of fish to shore over the past years and is to believed to be a 'lucky vessel' in fishing terms.

Sea angling

Sea angling is a great experience on the open sea when rolling a line in the depths below not knowing what might be swimming around or take the bait. This great excitement of sea angling is one of the reasons which makes it one of the most popular sports in the world. The area around Grindavik has abundant fishing grounds and is the foundation that makes Grindavik the biggest fishing town in Iceland. Cod, pollock and haddock are the most common species of fish caught but keep in mind that every summer local anglers catch the giant Icelandic halibut and they fish the same grounds as Sportsailing does. All the gear and tackle is brand new and of the highest quality.

Private sea angling trips can be arranged on a smaller boat specifically set up for deep sea angling and equipped with all the necessary navigation and fishing equipment required.

The driving distance to Grindavik town from the world famous Blue Lagoon is only 5 minutes, 15 minutes from the Keflavik International Airport and a short 30 minutes from the capital Reykjavik. Passenger pick-up and drop-offs can be arranged if requested.

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