North coast, 50km east of Akureyri


Season: 15 May - 30 September
Extent: 37km long river, double bank
Average catch: 310 salmon, 3,000 trout
Rods: 6
Guides: Available
Lodge: Self catering, sleeps 8 to 12 people
Notes: Full catch & release policy for salmon

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Reykjadalsa runs through the Reykjadalur valley in the northern part of Iceland and into Lake Vestmannsvatn.

From the lake the river runs further north and into the famous Laxa in Adaldalur.

This part of the river is called Eyvindarlaekur. It is safe to say that there is plenty of space for anglers that visit Reykjadalsa because 37 kilometers of fishable water is divided between only 6 rods.

In the years 1978-1998 the average annual catch in the river was approximately 310 salmon and 3000 brown trout and Arctic char. During the nineties fewer and fewer salmon were caught every year, but in 2001 the current river manager implemented a strict catch and release policy on salmon. This policy has been in place ever since however, anglers are allowed to keep the trout and char that they catch. Since 2001 approximately 150 salmon on average are caught in the river annually, but the catch can vary considerably from year to year. Prime time for salmon fishing is usually late July and early August.

In the upper part of the river the water flows relatively fast. In this part of the river the angler will find a countless number of small pools suitable for dry fly fishing. From the small village of Laugar and downstream towards the mouth of Eyvindalaekur the water flows slowly and the pools are larger. Reykjadalsa is a small river and thus we recommend light tackle (2 - 5 weight floating lines) and dry flies. Fly fishing is the only method allowed in the river.

The average size of the trout and char is relatively small. Most of them weigh one pound or less but Wild Brown trout up to 8 pounds have been caught in the river and every size in between. Given that Reykjadalsa is a contributor to the great Laxa in Adaldalur it goes without saying that big salmon can run up the river. Most of the salmon caught weigh 4-10lbs but odd fish of 18-20lbs have been caught in the river in recent years.

Anglers can have access to a modern self-catering lodge with 4 double rooms and a sleeping loft where 4 individuals can sleep.

Visitors will find some of Iceland's most beautiful natural phenomena within an hour's drive from the lodge, including Lake Myvatn and the Asbyrgi canyon. There is a 30 minute drive from the lodge to the coastal town of Husavik which is one of the whale-watching centers of Iceland.

A map of the river can be found here.

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