Nordura I


Borgarnes, 105km west from Reykjavik


Season: 5 June - 9 September
Prime time: 24 June - 15 August
Extent: 65km long river and double bank fishing
Rods: 8-12
Guides: Available at extra cost
Lodge: Full service with gourmet meals
Notes: Mandatory release of salmon exceeding 70cm (27.6")

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The Nordura river is one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland and quite often being the most productive one. Every year the Nordura frequently produces more than 2,000 salmon throughout the season.

The river is fished with 8-15 rods and the total length of Nordura is 65 km, with more than 100 named fishing pools. The Nordura is excellent for flyfishing and challenges anglers of all skills.

Nordura I

The Nordura river, commonly called "the most beautiful river" in Iceland, anglers will enjoy the excellent fishing in the beautiful landscape and surroundings which are quite unique. The upper part is rather flat and the bottom is mostly gravel. The middle area, up and down from the beautiful waterfall, Glanni, is predominated by rocks and lava mixed with bushes, trees and green grass flats.

In the lowest part, below the Laxfoss waterfall, the river runs through wide canyons and there you can find many of the most magnificent fishing pools in the river, first class flyfishing where ever you wet your fly.

Nordura I lodge

The accommodation provided is in magnificent natural scenery in a comfortable lodge and anglers will have first-class cuisine prepared by leading chefs. The lodge features a dining room, twelve twin-bedded rooms, all with private bathrooms and shower.

A jacuzzi is located under the main lodge building. The lodge has central heating, a drying-room and storage areas for your fishing gear along with refrigerators and freezers for your catch.

Your meals will be served at fixed times. Breakfast provides a good start to the day and a healthy lunch served during the break.

After a wonderful day of fishing, the chef will prepare a delicious gourmet three-course dinner to be served by a caring staff.

Wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks are available at extra cost.

Nordura II

The upper part (Nordura II) has flat areas with bushes and green grass flats but also small canyons and rocky areas in beautiful

The upper part is 15 km long, has 35 named pools and the average catch per season is 300-350 salmon in only 90-105 days. The average weight of the salmon is 2,7 kg. Anglers use single handed #5 to #7 weight rods, floating lines, flies no. 12-16, hitch tubes is very successful and the most popular flies are Red and Black Frances, Snæda, Haugur, Collie Dog, Black & Blue and Silver Blue.

Some of the most productive pools in every season are Poki, Kroksstrengir, Litlifoss, Þvottahylur, Rettarstrengur, Efri Ferjuhylur, Nedri Ferjuhylur, Beinholl, Hvammshylur, Simastrengur but salmon will have reached all the top pools early in July, so it is always worth trying every pool, because you never know where the most eager salmon are to befound.

Nordura II lodge

The self catering fishing lodge is very comfortable and sitting in a small forest overlooking the river below. The lodge has 3 twin bedded rooms, sleeps easily 6 people in beds, a fully equipped kitchen, sitting and dining room and bathroom with shower. There is also a sleeping loft, very comfortable for children.

The lodge is heated and has 220v electricity. The lodge has an outdoor bbq grill using coal stones. Also, there is a outside storage room and veranda facing the sun in the south.

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