North Atlantic Salmon Fund

NASF has worked for 20 years to return salmon stocks to their historic abundance.

Since 1989 the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF), a coalition of volunteers, has brokered market-based compensation agreements that end interceptory netting and long-lining for salmon.

NASF provides cash, resources or alternative fisheries to commercial fishermen who agree to stop harvesting salmon. Nothing beats the common sense approach when it is backed by the advice of experts.

And now progress is being made to restore fish stocks. Crude estimates suggest that the work of the NASF has allowed 15 million extra salmon to return to their home rivers. It believes that close to 90% of all salmon netsmen in the north Atlantic regions have now signed up to the doctrine of commercial conservation agreements.

How FishIceland supports NASF

FishIceland fully supports the work of the NASF and is committed to assisting them in their efforts to help protect salmon at sea.

To this end each time an angler books via the FishIceland website, they will be asked to make a small donation at the time of booking which is passed on in full to the NASF.

Orri Vigfusson, Chairman of NASF

Orri Vigfusson, who as Chairman of NASF did such sterling work.

The value of the donation will be suggested automatically when booking online but can be adjusted up or down by the user as they wish.

It is hoped that anglers will continue to enjoy the fruits of the labour that the NASF have put in over the past 20 years and FishIceland believes that this is a good way of the NASF getting the support from the wider angling community.

For more details on the outstanding work of the NASF please click here.

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