Season: 21 June - 20 September
Extent: 18km long river, 37 pools
Average catch: 300-400 salmon
Rods: 3-4
Guides: Available
Lodge: Self catering
Notes: Fly only

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Langadalsa river is a wonderful, fly-only river located in the amazing Westfjords. This river is ideal for small groups of friends, wishing to have sole use of a river and the self-catering lodge. It is a perfect haven offering peace and quiet, making it a very sought after river.

The average size of fish is quite impressive at around 9lbs, but fish up to 20lbs are taken each season. This river is enigmatic, as it wanders unruffled along its valley, the birch covering the nearby hills and the plentiful birdlife adding to the serene setting.

There is also plenty of Arctic char to be found in the lower pools of the river. These fish range up to 4 or 5lbs and are terrific sport on light tackle. You would never believe it, but they will take you into your backing before you have a chance to reel in the slack!

It is a splendid idea to visit the estuary at the low tide... or when the high tide is full, catch a few char and barbecue them. Have some salt and lemon pepper to hand and wheel out the gas barbeque. You will hardly taste a better fish than a fresh run Arctic char.

The lodge

The newly renovated lodge is made up of four buildings which are located beside the river. The sleeping cabin has four twin rooms on each side which share two bathrooms each. The dining/sitting room and kitchen is housed in a separate building, with the sauna in another one and the cleaning facilities and freezer in the fourth.

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