70km west of Reykjavik


Season: 20 June - 25 September
Prime time: Mid June - late August
Extent: 36km long river, double bank
Catches: 2,970 in 2008, 2,254 in 2009
Rods: 12
Guides: Available
Lodge: Full service, gourmet meals
Notes: Guide cost excluded

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Langa is one of the finest salmon rivers in Iceland and has rightly earned worldwide acclaim. It has benefited from the construction of a number of fish ladders increasing both fish habitat and resultant fishing.

As Langa appears from the wilderness it spills into a birch covered canyon with some stunning pools and pristine water so clear that you can spot a salmon a long way off. And there are a lot of salmon to spot.

The canyon ends at Svedjufoss falls and its famous fish ladder that was for many years Iceland's longest. It is a captivating sight to stand on the crag above the middle of the ladder and observe the shoals of salmon fining to and fro, waiting for the right moment to ascend; each leap taking them one step nearer their destination.

Below, Langa enters a long flat section with a lot of gravel bars and cut banks. The river used to break up into many small channels in this area but the river keeper has developed this section over the years to the extent that the stretch is now not only a prolific area full of fine pools, but an important spawning area as well.

Another canyon takes over when the flat section ends which features Kattarfoss, a dramatic yet passable falls. The canyon below offers some great fishing, as do a string of pools below the canyon.

The Langa Lodge is very comfortable and well equipped with a sauna to relax in after a day's fishing. It is beautifully situated on a hill overlooking one of the river's pools.

Accommodation and food is included in the price of rods but beverages and ghillies are excluded.

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