40km north of Egilstadir, East Iceland


Season: 1 June - 20 July (trout/char)
Extent: 30 km of fishable water
Average catch: 500 trout & char
Rods: 6
Guides: Available
Lodge: Self catering
Notes: Increasing number of salmon caught each year with 184 salmon in 2008 and 319 in 2009

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The season on the Jokla river system starts on 1st June. The river system consists of the main river Jokla and three of its tributaries: Kalda river, Fogruhlidara river and Laxa river.

The Fogruhlidara river is one of Iceland's most consistent and excellent sea char rivers. The Arctic char runs are often at their best in June and early July.

The fish are then mostly caught in an estuary lagoon which we are allowed to fish through the night if the tides call for it.

Night fishing under the midnight sun for sea char close to the thundering Atlantic is something to cherish and look forward to.

Lagoon fishing is at its best from June through to the middle of July, when the char will start to run the rivers.

Fishing is best in the other rivers from late June but the salmon start running the rivers in late July. The smolt releasing program has increased the numbers of salmon caught each year and will most likely continue in doing so for years to come.

The Lodge

The self catering lodge has six double bedrooms (each with it's own bathroom), a very big kitchen, living room, tackle storage room and a fireplace. Built in 2007 it is very well located close to Kalda river. The surroundings are very scenic with a spectacular view of snow-capped mountain tops towards the east and a birch grove behind the lodge.


On average the catch rates are around 500 fish mostly sea char. The sea char weighs from half-a-kilo to three kilos with the biggest ones being caught in July.

The brown trout in the rivers range from half-a-kilo to two kilos and the same goes for the sea trout.

The salmon in the rivers are a range from 2-3 kilo grilse and up to 6-7 kilo salmon.


Normal trout patterns apply for the brown trout although on these rivers the fish eat a lot of smaller fish so streamers work very well.

Of course, there are also insects and midges and caddis are most common. For sea char the best flies are white streamers with white marabou feathers and shrimp patterns (green, grey and orange).


Rods rated 5-8 weight are preferred. For the sea char it is good to have a floating line with sink tip or simply a floating line with a sinking leader.

The heavier equipment is recommended for the sea char since anglers are sometimes forced to cast heavily weighted flies.

This is of course just a recommendation and personal preferences should always apply.

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