Thorshofn, 240km north of Reykjavik


Season: 1 July - 20 September
Prime time: Mid July - late August
Extent: 12km long river, double bank, 27 pools
Catch: 150 salmon in 2008, 160 in 2009
Rods: 3
Guides: Available
Lodge: Self catering lodge or full service upon request
Notes: Catch & release

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Holkna is one of the northeastern rivers in the remote Thistilfjordur. The fjord contains several rivers, among them Hafralonsa and Svalbardsa.

All these rivers have similarities bred by their familiarity. They have a wild remote look about them and all have a reputation for big salmon. While Holkna may be the least known of these rivers it is still a very interesting river.

Holkna is fished with only two daily rods and has 27 named pools, many of them look fantastic for fly fishing. Like other rivers of Thistilfjordur an inland waterfall stops all migrant fish and most of the river runs through a shallow canyon. There are 4x4 paths that lead most of the way to the falls but from the end of it you still need to walk for perhaps ten minutes. This is an enchanting area as for the many pools along the way.

For years Holkna was leased and fished exclusively by a group of Swiss anglers. They hardly fished for more than 4 to 6 weeks so the season totals were hardly enlightening as to how much the river was capable of producing, but usually between 40 to 70 salmon. Later an Icelandic group leased the river for their members and the salmon totals rose under their management. In 2008 the river produced between 140 and 150 salmon. The outfitters have introduced a catch and release policy which is hoped will increase the catch levels in the years to come.

Holkna has a small but very well equipped self catering lodge. Holkna is a typical self catering river and perfect for families or small groups of friends.

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