North coast, 250km from Reykjavik


Season: 20 June - 20 September
Extent: 10km long river, double bank
Catch: 152 salmon in 2008
Rods: 2, which must be booked together
Guides: Available
Lodge: Self catering lodge sleeps 4
Notes: Catch & release is encouraged

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The Halla River falls in to the Bay of Hunafloi in the north of Iceland. It is a small and sensitive river, where you can be totally on your own.

Halla is fast flowing and rocky in the lower part, but the upper reaches are mostly slow flowing with cut-bank pools, ideal for fly fishing with light tackle.

The river is fished with only two rods, but anglers have about 10 km of double bank fishing and a good variety of pools. Worm bait is allowed in the lower parts of the river but only flyfishing from and above the fishing lodge. All pools are easily accessible by car.

In order to preserve the salmon in the Halla river, the farmers have kept the river closed for several years. This project seems to be working, because the spawning and return rates are now going up. Catch and release is encouraged in this delicate, gin-clear river to preserve the enigmatic salmon that inhabit it.

The river has a self catering lodge (guesthouse) with a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms which sleeps 4 adults, a living room and has a gas barbeque grill and a jacuzzi on the veranda. The house is located about 3km upstream from the mouth of the river, with a lovely view towards the Hunafloi Bay.

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