Thorshofn, 250km east of Akureryi


Season: 24 June - 20 September
Prime time: Mid July - Late August
Extent:28km long, double bank, 55 named pools
Average catch: Approx 400 salmon, 580 in 2008
Rods: 6
Guides: Available
Lodge: Self catering lodge or full service upon request

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Hafralonsa is located in the northeast corner of Iceland. Further north than the more famous rivers of Hofsa and Sela, Hafralonsa flows into the sea close to the small fishing port of Thorshofn. Hafralonsa comprises 28 kilometres of beautiful, fishable water. The river rises at its source in the hills and runs through several kilometers of trout and char fishing before cascading over the stunning upper waterfall. Early in the season the salmon run throughout the river as far as to the top pool, which has a glassy tail to it, offering ideal fish spotting opportunities and testing fly-fishing.

The river runs through apparently quite a flat landscape. However, this is deceptive as it actually careers through a deep gorge that at times can be very steep-sided and dramatic.

Conversely this is not to say that the river is not approachable. The lower section is wide and easily accessed with enticing cut banks and gravel glides. There are few pools in fact that are not easily accessed by all anglers and even the steeper climbs should be attainable by all but the least agile anglers. This is seriously wild and challenging fishing as it involves a lot of walking and bumping along a rocky path in a 4x4 vehicles, but the salmon are big.

The Fishing

The pools on Hafralonsa almost invariably lend themselves to the fly. In most cases a plan of attack can be made on the high bank before being carried out at the water's edge, targeting the most likely fish within the crystal clear pools.

Worming is no longer allowed on the river and the very few pools that once lent themselves to this make for some very technical and progressive fly fishing. The river has been kept out of the limelight due to large numbers of large hen fish killed in past years. In 2009 catch and release was enforced except for one grilse per rod and all must be below the 50cm (19.6") limit. This is a fantastic development and will hopefully turn the river's fortunes in the following years. Thus the opportunity to acquire space on this most glorious of north-eastern rivers must not be missed.

The Lodge

The Lodge at Hafralonsa is not as plush as some of the recent upgrades in the Southwest. This does not detract from its appeal however and the large open plan living area incorporating kitchen, dining area and sitting room offers a very comfortable space for an intact group.

Coupled with accommodation for up to 12 guests, a peaceful outside deck and a gas barbeque this lodge offers a charming, traditional compliment to this beautiful river for both self and fully catered trips.

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