Gljufura in Hunathing


Blandos, 240km north of Reykjavik


Season: 1 July - 20 September
Prime time: Late July - late August
Extent: 17km long, double bank, 22 pools
Average catch: 110 salmon, 40 Artic char
Rods: 2
Guides: Available
Lodge: Self catering
Notes: Fly only.

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This small northern river is a keen favorite of many who like to have the river to themselves. It has some distinguished neighbours that rate among the elite in Icelandic rivers, yet Gljufura has long had a low profile. Probably due to the fact that its clients do not wish to give it too much coverage and outward attention. Like many of the northern rivers the average salmon weight is high.

Most of the river flows through canyons of varying depths and while the path is never to far off the river, accessing many of the pools involves walking up and down steep grassy hills. Another aspect of this river is its ability to hide its salmon. You may end your shift having landed several salmon without actually having seen any other fish. This is due to the fact that most of the pools are short and their deepest spots are directly under the white water where the river froths into the pool.

There are two fish ladders in the river both near the main highway. Salmon may often be seen piling up in the huge pool beneath the lower ladder, as there is a great vantage point at the top of a cliff overlooking the pool. Here the river is still in canyons and there are several lesser falls as the river winds its way down to the plain. The river fishes two rods and often one of them will be hunting for sea char that enter the cut bank pools just above the Lake Hopid.

There is a catch limit of one salmon per day and after that all salmon caught must be released.

Included is an excellent self catering lodge located close to the estuary to the huge Lake Hopid.

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