Lakes & streams 250km north of Reykjavik


Season: 17 June - 20 August
Prime time: 1 July - 8 August
Location:Countless lakes and streams
Average catch: 15-30 trout in a day, 2-3lbs
On a good day one can catch 50-90 trout
Trout up to 7 pounds caught every week
Suitable for: Individuals, groups & families
Rods: 1-4
Guides Guide with 4wd vehicle (fuel included)
Notes: Voluntary catch and release.
Fly fishing, spinning or worm bait allowed

Application form for fishing

Trout and char fishing on lakes and streams
Fishing permits and licenses included
Accommodation in self cooking fishing huts
Pick-up and drop-off at hotel in Reykjavik
Guide with 4wd vehicle (fuel included)


The Arnarvatnsheidi is a vast moorland located in the northwest part of Iceland between Borgarfjordur in the south and Hunafloi in the north. Arnarvatnsheidi has countless lakes, ponds, streams and rivers full of good size Arctic char and wild brown trout.

Your private guide will pick you up in the morning and start the journey towards Arnarvatnsheidi. En route you will stop at a local store to stock up on food and beverages. The self cooking lodge will have a BBQ, excellent for cooking your catch. Once you arrive at the location, gear up for the first glimpse of your fishing adventure.

All day is spent fishing, with your private guide assisting and scouting for the most promising location. You must have hot coffee or tea ready on the bank and warm up a little bit in between battles if you dare to take time away from this fantastic fishing. If the weather is favourable, nothing compares to fishing in the midnight sun and you can fish deep into the night. However, be prepared for the moorland midges that can be very aggressive and pray for wind because that keeps the midges down in the vegetation. But having midges does mean good trout fishing!

The Icelandic summer can be windy and up in the highlands of Arnarvatnsheidi you should be prepared for all kinds of weather. But to experience the Icelandic summer and the complete stillness in this remote place and uninhabited area surrounded with large glaciers in all four directions is something that anglers carry forever in their memories.

Nymphs in various weights are popular on Arnarvatnsheidi, but dry fly fishing works well when the trout are rising to the surface. Lures, spinners and worm bait are allowed so bring them along if you like.

Accommodation is provided in self cooking huts which are comfortable with cooking facilities and kitchen appliances, sitting room, beds, wc and shower. The fishing huts vary in sizes and can accommodate 4, 7 or up to 15 people.

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