About FishIceland

Contact details

Jón Sigurðsson
Gauksasi 27
221 Hafnarfjordur
Tel: +354 899 4247
Email: info@fishiceland.com

c/o FishPal Ltd
Stichill House
Kelso TD5 7TB
Tel: +44(0)1573 470612
Fax: +44(0)1573 470259
Email: info@fishpal.com

What is FishIceland?

FishIceland is a web-based initiative with a very simple mission statement: To promote all forms of angling in Iceland to a worldwide audience.


FishIceland was established in late 2008 as a partnership betweem Jón Sigurðsson and FishPal Ltd. Jón has many years experience of fishing, not only in Iceland, but all over the globe. FishPal Ltd is the internet's leading provider of online booking services for the angling community.

FishIceland's purpose

All proprietors/managers of fisheries within Iceland are eligible to be members of FishIceland.

FishIceland's operating expenses are covered by annual fixed subscriptions to members, advertising revenues and commission charges on the successful letting of fishing.

Anglers pay no charges for the use of FishIceland other than those for any goods or services purchased through the website.

FishIceland has become popular and well used by domestic and international anglers and those interested in Iceland.



FishIceland benefits:

1) the angler who can obtain details of subscribing beats and fisheries with availability and online booking. Often fishery details are hard to find and access difficult to secure - FishIceland allows anglers far greater choice than ever before. They will be able to view river levels and daily catches updated as reported. FishIceland also shows whole country rod availability (updated hourly) and provides online and telephone booking systems. It also enables anglers to have access to local suppliers for ancillary services (hotels, tackle shops, car hire, etc).

2) the fishery proprietor/manager who can let more fishing and becomes part of a sophisticated internet database updated either online or by telephone. Telephone enquiries arising from interest in members' fishery information are handled by a knowlegable help desk. Members have access to a computerised telephone catch reporting system, help desk and office back up.

3) the local service providers who benefit from increase numbers of visitor anglers by providing them with goods and services bringing more revenue to their businesses thus increasing their sustainability. FishIceland increases awareness to the Iceland brand and allows it to reach a worldwide audience. It makes Icelandic angling far more accessible and provides significant scope for increasing the quality of the Iceland brand.

All these benefits taken together are of great economic benefit to Icelandic ecomony as it seeks to increase the sustainablity of local businesses. Icelandic rod fishing contributes many millions of krona annually to the economy and accounts for hundrerds of jobs.

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