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Newsletter - September 2015

With one eye on the grilse that are still running hard and fast and the thought of September's backend run looming, it really is an exciting time of the year to go salmon fishing in the UK.

The Dee, Esks, Findhorn, Ness, Spey, Tay, Tweed and Tyne have all reported salmon this month over 20 pounds. It comes as no surprise that on popular rivers and beats availability is disappearing quickly this month.

With temperatures cooling and the forecast of rain, now is the time to plan a last minute fishing trip. Do give Tom a call in the office on 01573 470612 to help you find a days fishing. Autumn is a difficult season to predict what the weather will be, so it is great to be able to remind you that unlike previous years, you can now insure your fishing if the beat you are booked on to fish is in flood and you can not fish.

Keep in mind that if you are lucky enough to hook into a big “back end” fish then you can still enter the FishPal Malloch Trophy competition which is awarded now for the “best,” not necessarily the “biggest” fly caught salmon in Scottish waters. Measure the length and girth, weigh the fish if possible whilst still in the net and if you can, take a couple of photos of the fish and you just never know.

With a great selection of places to stay and some of the UK's top guides, instructors and fishing shops, we have everything you need to organise a fishing trip in the UK.

Please keep sharing your stories and photographs to or call the office on 01573 470612.

Tight lines
Anne Woodcock

We were going to publish Part 2 of Anne's Hebrides experience this month, however FishPal CEO Mark Cockburn has been out and about on Lewis and Harris this month and it seemed sensible to include his thoughts on the island experience at the same time, we will therefore publish Part 2 in next month's newsletter.

Where To Fish In September

Carlos Garza with his 19lber on Dochfour, Nessside.

The week ahead looks as if the Findhorn will be back to more seasonable and Autumnal weather, as rain looks certain from late Monday onwards. With good numbers of fresh salmon and grilse in the system, including a 23lber on the Lethen Estate water this month, if you want to fish the Findhorn you need to be quick as their season closes on September 30th - find fishing.

The Ness system has long been famed for the size and quality of the salmon it produces. This hidden gem attracts international anglers who return yearly to fish this stunning river. Congratulations to Carlos Garza, last years Mackenzie rod winner, back fishing Dochfour and caught another stunning specimen at 19lb on the fly - find fishing.

A rise in levels over the weekend saw the River Dee in good order for Monday morning. Those out casting a line on the river had caught 66 salmon & grilse up to 22lbs by close of play on Wednesday. Signs are looking promising for another 3 figure week with fish over 20lbs. With water temperatures down to 50F and the forecast cooler as the week progresses, it might just get the fish moving. There are only a few weeks remaining of the 2015 season to fish these crystal clear, fast flowing waters perfect for the fly - find Dee fishing.

Finding a day's fishing online with FishPal has never been so easy.

9lb bar of silver from Alfred's Pot.

FishPal are supporting the Salmon & Trout Conservation auction. There are some exciting lots in this years auction for salmon, trout and stalking in the UK & Europe.

This auction is S&TC's biggest single fund-raising initiative and, of course, the more bidders who register, the more likely it is that they will achieve maximum prices, so please spread the word. Auction closes at midnight on Sunday 18th October 2015

River Nith

Beginner Beth Webb first fish on the fly, River Nith.

FishPal's Anne Woodcock visited the Nith this month, she say's "This is my second visit to the river this year, the first walking Dalswinton beat on the last week of May spotting sea trout and salmon with their ghillie Andy. At the weekend I finally got the chance to fish Dalswinton beat and not only did I see fish, I had grilse chasing my flies, along with 2 good knocks during my brief fishing session. I had fish swim over my line and saw others catching fish. If you have not considered the River Nith before, it certainly is a river you should look at - find fishing.

Junior Days In Scotland.

Juniors from the River Spey Anglers Association salmon fishing.

Children from as far as Perth and Edinburgh attended the junior week on the Nith at Blackwood beat. Salmon and grilse were spotted all week and chances had, one young chap Christian (10 years old) hooked and lost a silver tourist of around 15lbs and later landed a lovely 3.5lb sea trout. Big thanks to the Nith catchment and fisheries board for their help, a huge thanks to Savills incorporating Smithsgore for organising the event and putting on a great BBQ.

Rothes & Aitkenway beat on the River Spey, kindly offered 5 young anglers from the River Spey Anglers Associating an entire days salmon fishing under the expert coaching from their ghillies, Mike Ewen and Robbie Stronach.

The river was positively teeming with salmon which kept the attention levels of all the RSAA youngsters at a peak, with 2 of them getting a hold of a fish but unfortunately as has happened to a few of us this year, not managing to keep one on the line.

House For Sale With Fishing

A house, cottage and nearly two miles of fishing rights on the River Torridge.

Within the extensive grounds there is the main house with a self-contained guest wing and a detached cottage. The fishing consists of 1.7 miles of the lower reaches of the River Torridge, prolific for salmon, brown trout and sea trout - read more.

Atlantic Salmon Lost At Sea

Why are Atlantic salmon dying in greater numbers than ever before in history? Follow our journey as we seek answers to the mystery. The aim of the film is to raise public awareness about the plight of our salmon.

The film will be used widely at national, regional and local levels to raise money for salmon conservation. Atlantic Salmon Trust.

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Where To Fish This September

Mr Wilkinson releasing his first fish on the fly at Bywell.

Local Tweed anglers are reporting good numbers of fish in the estuary. Conditions on the river are currently favouring lower beats who have enjoyed some excellent sport with salmon up to 23lb so far this month - find fishing.

The Annan has had its best grilse run for 2 years. Anglers standing on the banks of Hoddom beat four hours after the tide are seeing fresh fish. September and October is a magical time on the river with runs of salmon and late grilse - find fishing.

High tides at the beginning of the month have brought fresh runs of sea trout and salmon into the River Wear. The number 2 salmon river in England and Wales comes into its own during Autumn and if you've not fished this hidden gem before, it's definitely well worth a cast this month - find fishing.

The River Tyne has enjoyed good catches of salmon recently. The EA counts of migratory fish suggest the counter will be over the 20,000 mark for the year by the end of the month. Lifts of water have encouraged runs of fresh fish during the last few weeks. Availability is limited until the end of the season on this popular North East river - find fishing.

Finding a day's fishing online with FishPal has never been so easy.

Flies To Try In September

Malcolm with his 15lb Salmon River Tay at Benchil this week.

Malcolm Anderson from Caledonia Fly Company says "With our river systems enjoying rainfall during the last few days, expectations are high that September will be a good month. Water temperatures are still mild and the fish are very willing to come to the surface layers to take your flies. So hold off with those sinking backend lines and heavy copper tube flies."

Caledonia Fly Company recommendations for September.

Eternal Cascade and the Raider Cascade are without doubt a must have for the early part of the month. Moving to the the end of the month, I would put a little more orange and black into your flies as there should be a surge of backend fish heading up our system. Patterns like Junction Shrimp and Calvin Shrimp if the water is slightly tarnished, but if it's still running clear I would stick to the GWG, Orange Flamethrower and Gledswood & Orange. Mini copper tubes ½” and ¾” will be working if water stays consistent at above summer levels, moving on to 1” copper tubes if we get fresh water. Tube patterns you should have with you are Junction Rocket, Silver Willie Gunn, Cohn's Copper Sunray, Fire Gunn and of course the Posh Tosh - find your nearest stockist.

Ian Gordon

Septembers Featured Guide & Instructor Ian Gordon started fishing at 8 years old. He worked as a ghillie on the Knockando beat, river Spey for 22 years. A former World, individual, as well as team Speycasting Champion, he holds a STANIC and AAPGAI instructor's qualification in Salmon Casting and specialises in Speycasting. Ian also runs a Fishing Casting School with courses on the Rivers Spey, Dee and Deveron.

Ian is principal consultant in all aspects of Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing for Hardy Bros, based in Alnwick. He has spent the last three years developing the exciting new range of Sintrix, Marksman and Greys double handed rods utilising his in-depth knowledge of fishing and fly-casting to produce what is the most comprehensive range of fly rods to reach the market for years.

Fish with Ian and enjoy his personal guidance and instruction in wonderful locations at prime times for salmon fishing in both Scotland and Norway read more.

FishPal Insurance

With varying conditions for fishing and unsettled water levels due to inclement weather for the time of year if you are planning a trip and have not got round to booking it yet, do remember insurance cover is now available. This unique policy is the market leader, growing in popularity as you would expect, given the wonders of the UK weather!!

If you have booked a fishing trip with FishPal and would like to add insurance its not too late to call us to find out if you can get cover.

Full policy details can be found here or give the office a call on 01573 470612 if you need any further assistance.

Ladies Casting A Line

The Minister on the Nith last month.

Great to hear stories from ladies out salmon fishing during the last few weeks. Fourteen beginners attended a ladies day on Deeside organised by the Dee Board and the owners of Invery and Tilquhillie.

Crabtree & Crabtree held a ladies introduction day on Tweed for their owners at the weekend. Great feedback has been received from all those who attended both events.

Well done to Mrs Niki Blackmore fishing Bywell, River Tyne this month who caught 5 salmon up to 15lb and lost several more during her 2 day trip. A total of 22 salmon were caught by the party and we've heard that it's the ladies who caught the majority, well done ladies.

Congratulations to beginner Beth Webb fishing Blackwood Estate. After guidance and tuition from the estates ghillie, John Ross, she caught a grilse on her first ever day salmon fishing.

It was lovely to catch up with Dr Aileen McLeod, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform on the River Nith this month. She couldn't resist a cast of a salmon rod whilst visiting a junior event on Blackwood Estate.

River Alness

Casting a line on Novar Estate

The Alness features regularly in magazines and attracts anglers from across the globe to fish its varied pools, many located within breathtaking scenery.

The Alness is a hunter's river; 'rivercraft' and persistence are generally rewarded, and long casting is rarely needed. Fish can be caught by traditional 'down & across' fishing of the main pools, and also on short lines in the heads of the pools, and in small runs and pots between the main pools - read more.