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Mon 13th Nov 18.00

New fishery pages up for all rivers. Some issues reported with people using old versions of browsers which won't handle the modern code that we are now using. We will later look at providing support for some older browsers, but in the meantime please make sure you are using the very latest version of your browser.

Fri 3rd Nov 22.00

New fishery pages up for the Tweed which have catch information (click the catches tab below the summary)

NB - these are beta (test) pages. Please let us know if there are any issues.

Fri 3rd Nov 15.00

To get round the BT issue we moved to another broadband line late this morning which got most things going again and since then we have got the rest going. Thanks again for your patience and apologies for any interruption to services.

A least we are now on a better server and on fibre broadband which will both be a huge help for the future. Back to work on beat pages now.

Fri 3rd Nov 11.00

BT are making a mess of upgrading our broadband line to fibre, due today. Means our booking systems and control panels are down until they reconnect us. Apologies for this. Please ring or email us, if you need to use either of these, as can do it locally for you.

This is also holding up the final work we need to do for the release of our new Tweed fishery pages due this evening. Let's hope we can still get it all done in time

Wed 1st Nov 23.00 should now be working

Wed 1st November 10.00

Some App problems reported due to not working, which we will fix as soon as we can. In the meantime please use

Tues 31st Oct 16.00

We are making slow progress trying to get the new server to accept our old code for drawing catch tables but we are concerned about spending too much time on an old system that will be redundant by the end of the year.

So to rectify the position we are going to bring forward the launch of the new system beat pages on Tweed only for now that will show the 5 year average tables whilst also giving you more information about individual beats as well.

Hope to have these up for you by the end of Friday, but may achieve it sooner.

Once again thank you for your patience and our apologies for the problems.

Tues 31st Oct 14.00

We apologise for the recent problems with our website

These were caused by having to change servers in a hurry last week after our then hosting company got hacked and the server they provided for us went down irretrievably. They were slow to react, so we built a new server of our own and switched our services to it.

Inevitably there are teething problems with such a sudden move, especially where the new server has been objecting to some of our very old code which sets out the catch tables for each fishery. We hope that you will bear with us while we work hard to rectify this and some other issues that have arisen.

All these old code issues will go away when we introduce our new sites over the next two months, as all our code will then be shiny new and much easier and quicker to change from server to server.

The secure server here at Kelso which runs our bookings system and control panel has not been affected in any way, so only publicly available info on our former externally hosted server was taken. Not sure what good that will do for whoever did the hack, so a waste of their time, as well as yours and ours!

Our sincere apologies again for the interruption to our services

We hope that you like our new sites when they start to be made live shortly

Main Website

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- Catch tables on all beats pages not showing.

- Text and pictures in some pages a little out of date.

Booking system & control panels

These are the pages provided by our secure server at

No issues reported

Back office systems

These are the servers that update the main website with catches, river levels, rod availability and other data

No issues reported

Third party systems

These are services provided by our suppliers

No issues reported