River Mourne

The River Mourne rises to the north west of Newtownstewart at the confluence of the Derg and Strule.

Above this junction it is called the River Strule, one of the myriad of tributaries which comprise the Mourne. From the confluence with the River Derg, the River Mourne continues to flow northwestward to join the River Foyle at Strabane, a total journey of about 13km.

Although it is a short river the River Mourne is a big fast flowing river, over 20 metres wide for it's entire length. As far as reputations go the River Mourne can rightly be compared to the other great Irish salmon rivers such as the Blackwater, the Lower Bann, the Moy and it's sister river, the River Finn.

It is estimated that over 9,000 salmon annually enter the Mourne.

The River Mourne, unlike it's nearest rivers, is not a spate river but in keeping with other salmon rivers fishes best as the water drops and fines down after a flood. Given the size of the river and the catchment it usually takes 3 to 4 days for the river to become fishable again after such a flood.

The fishing on the River Mourne starts in earnest from late May, peaking through June and July, although there are the occasional spring fish may be encountered in April and early May. The River Mourne also has a strong run of back end autumnal fish and this can make good sport in September and October.

River Mourne, Ireland

Fishing on the River Mourne, Ireland

Like other rivers in the Foyle system, the River Mourne gets a decent run of sea trout from June onwards. The average weigh of these sea trout is around the pound mark with the occasional bigger fish being caught.