Abercorn Estates Latest Report

Last updated: Wednesday 4th June

Abercorn Estates, Upper Mourne, 2014 Season fishing report


General prospects for the next few weeks are good as there are salmon about. Rods are available in the next few weeks.


According to local reports the River Mourne has received a good showing of fish, once the fish pass figures are published we can get a better view on these reports. Rumours are that 600 fish have passed through Sion Mills. Last week of May a number of anglers received some good offerings from fish in the Snaa. With a nice fresh salmon lost on the net at Carniquin. Reported catches for the month, 25 May, J Doherty landed a fine 8.5lb salmon in the Snaa. 17 May S Pizey caught a great salmon, see our website Baronscourt for the photo. That afternoon S Pivey caught a further 9lb salmon in the Snaa Pool - great days fishing.
Total of 3 fish for May


Despite some good fishing on the fisheries down stream from the Upper Mourne, the salmon eluded our attempts to land some fish.

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