River Levels

Levels are collected at 7.30 each morning and evening.

River heights above Recent Summer Lows on
Sunday, 16th December 2018 - last upated at 7:44 PM
(Click station name for graphs of recent levels)
Blackwater at Lombardstown at 7:30 PM 5 ft 0 in Falling
Blackwater at Mallow Rail Bridge at 7:30 PM 5 ft 8 in Falling
Blackwater at Killavullen at 7:30 PM 6 ft 10 in Falling
Blackwater at Fermoy at 7:30 PM 7 ft 9 in Falling
Blackwater at Ballyduff at 7:30 PM 9 ft 7 in Falling
Bride at Mogeely at 7:30 PM 5 ft 2 in Falling

Grey bars are a visual representation of heights.
The Rising/Falling state is determined by a movement greater than 1/2 inch
over the two hours prior to the readings being taken.