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(Last updated: Wednesday 22nd March)

Munster Blackwater Summary

A tough start to the season with high water most weeks, however on a positive note water temperatures have been on the high side for this time of year. Averaging over 8'c this is enough to enable fish to negotiate the weirs in Careysville and Fermoy. The first real chance of spring fishing was had in the week ending the 17th of March. With air temps up to 15'c and water temps up to 10'c, just had to wait for the levels to drop.

Ballyduff Bridge Fishery

Conditions have been hard for us in February in the new season with the river staying high for the first few weeks, but we eventually got off the mark on 21st Feb with Jason catching and releasing a lovely fish of around 8lbs on the fly at our Ballygarret beat. March 14th, Martin Cronin got his season under way with a sea-liced fish of 9lbs on a cascade tube at Ballyduff Bridge.

Upper Bridgetown Fishery

With tough conditions, fishing has been hard, but sure enough as the levels came right, the fish began to show up. A good few fish being seen and met both up and down river so sign that stocks are well spread out. On Wed the 15th Guideline power team member Kieran Conlon came very close to landing a good double figure fish with the hook pulling just a few feet from the net... a little camera shy I guess....

Conditions deteriorated again on the 18th with a rise of about 3 feet. With the forecast giving settled conditions from tomorrow on the river should come in to good order by Friday 24th. Things are looking up with fish throughout the system and settled conditions moving in it looks like spring has sprung!! So long as the rain stays away.

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