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Fishing Regulations

Anglers should be aware of the legal requirements in place before they book fishing. There are three main sets of rules to be aware of as follows.

River or Area Regulations

These regulations apply to the entire River Blackwater and its catchment area.

The Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme regulates salmon and sea trout fishing in the Republic of Ireland and is administered by Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI). Please note that the regulations and bye-laws are subject to change. Anglers intending to fish the Munster Blackwater should therefore consult IFI's regulations page in order to obtain the latest information on the licences required and on tagging.

However, in brief these regulations as they currently stand are as follows.

All anglers must hold a current rod licence valid for the period of time they intend to fish. Anglers can obtain their licence from Inland Fisheries Ireland, any rod licence distributor, or online. On payment of the rod licence fee, the angler will be given the following.

- The relevant rod licence.

- A logbook.

- Three gill tags where a salmon rod (annual) ordinary, juvenile, district or 21-day ordinary licence is issued, up until 11th May, and a further 7 gill tags (issued in lots of 3 or 4) from the period 12th May to 30th September, up to a maximum of 10 gill tags in total, provided that the angler's logbook has been completed appropriately.

- One gill tag where a one day ordinary licence is issued, up until the close of the season.

- A business reply envelope to be used to return the logbook (completed with details of all fish caught) and any unused tags to the relevant IFI office.

- A plastic wallet for the logbook.

Note carefully that all salmon rod licence holders must affix a gill tag to any retained salmon (any size), or sea trout (over 40 cm) immediately after its capture.

Please also keep a check on the Inland Fisheries Ireland site for the latest information on required licences and tagging information.

Fishery conditions

Individual owners may also have their own individual conditions, such as the hours that fishing is allowed on that beat, provision of ghillies (if any) and what fishing methods you can use.

FishPal Booking Conditions

This site uses the FishPal booking engine, so if you use our online booking system, or our call centre on 01573 470612, you need to agree to FishPal's booking conditions.

You will be given another opportunity to read all these conditions before doing any online booking, where you have to indicate your agreement to them. They will also be included in the joining instructions you are given when your booking has been completed.