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Fishery Location and Access (110 Vow Rd, Ballymoney BT53 7NX) The Honourable The Irish Society hereby authorises the Permit Holder to use the Access Lane between the Vow Road and the River Lower Bann for the purposes of accessing to/from the Fishery. Two large concrete gateposts mark the entrance to Carnroe Lane off Vow Road. Carnroe Fishery is divided into the Throw, Slope and Risk areas, and is fished daily by no more than 6 anglers at a time in a morning and afternoon shift (08.00 - 14.00 and 15.00 - 2100).

Methods Permitted The aim of catch and releaseí is to ensure that any salmon caught are released in as healthy a state as possible. We have therefore adopted catch and release guidelines which are identical to the new DCAL government regulations. Please visit DCAL"s website for more details/ this pageeation/outdoor-recreation/angling/salmon-conservation.htm.

These regulations can be found on our website (see below) and will also be displayed in the Carnroe Ghilliesí Hut. In summary, no barbed hooks may be used, no treble hooks may be used and worming is not permitted at any time. Anglers may continue to spin, but only with single or double barbless hooks. Prawning and fly fishing are also acceptable methods. We will monitor results and may make adjustments, if necessary. Other local fishery rules are:

(a) If the water level on the Carnroe Lock gauge is above 16 ft., all permitted methods, including spinning from bank or boats are allowed on the whole beat.
(b) If the water level is below 16ft., only fly-fishing is permitted on the Throw, (between the Weir and the white posts downstream). All other methods are permitted on the rest of the beat, but spinning is prohibited in an area at Risk known as the shingle bank, which is marked by a blue (upstream) and red (downstream) post.
(c) Prawn fishing by boat: boats are not to be anchored upstream of the culvert marker at the Slope.

Boats & Engines Are under the control of the ghillies and must be treated with the greatest respect. Only petrol issued by ghillies is to be used in The Honourable The Irish Society boats. The fly streams may only be accessed by wading or by rowed boat, not engine powered.

General Guidelines:
Keep boats out of the main streams and reduce engine noise where possible.
Minimise the number of boats operating at any one time.
Ensure that boats are driven slowly from the blue marker up to the Throw at tick-over speed and from Throw down to the blue marker at the end of the Slope and in the area between the blue and red markers at Risk.

Time of Fishing The season is Monday 5th May to Sunday 19th October. Time of fishing is 08.00 a.m. to 14.00 pm and 15.00 pm to 21.00 p.m. or dusk, whichever is earlier.

All fish must be returned to the water as per DCAL regulations and recorded in the book.
In the event of unsportsmanlike behaviour on the part of any angler or any breach of these rules, the Society reserves the right to ask that angler to leave the fishery at once and to disqualify them from future visits. Anglers are reminded that foul hooking is an offence against DCAL regulations. If the ghillie believes an angler to be under the influence of alcohol, he may prevent that angler from using the Societyís boats or equipment.

Telephone Carnroe information/emergency number is 078 0118 5588 (Robbie Moffett (Monday - Thursday)
077 0474 6271

(Willie Wilson Friday - Sunday)

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Bann conditions

Bann conditions
A Department of Culture, Arts & Leisure licence is required in addition to your permit to fish. For more information please