Wheelyboat Fishing

Wheelyboats are designed to allow disabled anglers to fish stillwaters and large rivers that might not otherwise be possible. The boats have ramps which allow users to remain in their wheelchairs both when accessing it and when fishing. Each boat has an outboard engine and room for a ghillie or boatman to assist.

There are various types of Wheelyboats, with most being suitable for stillwaters, but some are being specially designed for large salmon rivers like the Tweed and Tay.

You can find out more about Wheelyboats by visiting the site of the Wheelyboat Trust. Please also consider a donation to this very worthy organisation.


Tweed Wheelyboat

About this web site

These pages allow you to book Wheelyboats on line on the Tweed and there are plans to extend this to other rivers.

Please note that for these rivers you need to book your fishing separately (which can also be done online from here). Before doing so, please ensure that the beat you have chosen can accept the Wheelyboat. To check this, go to the relevant river's list of beats and look for the asterisk that denotes that the beat can take a Wheelyboat.

Tweed Wheelyboat

Accessing a Wheelyboat

Further information can also be obtained from the Wheelyboat Trust who will be able to tell you where their boats are available.

Please use the links in the left margin to research your booking properly and if you need any help, do please ring our call centre on 01573 470612 and we will be very glad to help.