Bill Quarry Books


'Salmon Fishing on the Tweed' is a beautifully produced hardback with dust jacket and over 400 full-colour pages covering everything to do with the famous River Tweed


This amazing book was conceived as a tribute to the enjoyment Bill Quarry has experienced over sixty years of fishing for salmon on the Tweed.

The inspiration for the book comes from a deep respect for the magnificent Atlantic Salmon as well as the camaraderie and nature of the riverbank, and is a guide to the art of salmon fishing.

The author has fished on all of the main tributaries of the Tweed, as well as its main beats and the book contains valuable contributions and anecdotes from more than seventy past and present ghillies - the unique Tweed Boatmen.

This book is a reminder to anglers that the pleasures and enjoyment to be found in the art of fishing are not all about catching fish and it urges them to appreciate and understand the nature of the riverbank and the conviviality and fraternity to be found in days by the water.

Limited edition leather copies will also available.