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Bookings made through FishPal's help desk or on line booking system are subject to FishPal's standard conditions. If you haven't already read these, you can see them here

This Guide conditions


Once you have paid your deposit and your booking is in the diary and I can accept no other work opportunities for that date.

Thus by cancelling or postponing the date of your fly fishing day you are reducing my opportunity to take paid work on that day.
Once you request a specific date you should be committed to that date.

If you postpone your date for whatever reason you may lose all or some of your monies paid.

If we can reschedule the date with you at no extra cost we will do so.

If we cancel or postpone your date you will lose no monies paid and you may either receive a full refund or carry these monies forward to a future date.


Bad weather, bad water conditions or lack of fish catches are outside our control.

In the event that a day is spoilt by any factor outside my control no refund of any monies paid will be made.

Should the chosen river be high or unsafe to fish we reserve the right to attempt to substitute the river location with a suitable stillwater option.

Any additional cost will be charged to you.


In matters of safety my decision is final and no refund of monies paid will be made if it is necessary to stop fishing at any stage during the day due to safety concerns.


I will wait for a maximum of one hour at the pre-agreed meeting point. If you have not made contact with myself and agreed a later meeting time and do not arrive at the agreed meeting point within one hour of the pre-agreed meeting time your day will be deemed to have been cancelled by yourself and all monies paid will be forfeited.


I do not watch the clock. I work to maximise your fishing day and provide a total fishing experience. The following times are given as a rough guide

Full day : this would normally mean up to 8 hours time to including a meal break. The 8 hours commence at the pre-agreed meeting time

Half day : around 3 1/2 hours, again commencing at the pre-agreed meeting time


I highly recommend that customers take out appropriate Travel and Public Liability Insurance.

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