If you want to fish somewhere you haven't been to before, then a Guide can make all the difference between success and failure, especially if the fishery you are going to does not supply its own ghillie or other help for you.

Guides will help you chose the right place to fish, make sure you have the right equipment and use the right techniques. On top of that they will often provide transport, lunch and an endless supply of fishing knowledge, talk and enthusiam.

This site should help you chose the right person for the area you want to go to and enable you to book on line or by telephone.

Fishing Guides

Angler and Guide fishing some lovely streamy water on Logie Estate in early Summer.

About this web site

Many of the best Guides in each country are included on this site so you can read about each one, see his/her current availability and book fishing days online or by telephone.

In particular you have free, unlimited access to:
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