Terms and Conditions

FishPal's Terms and Conditions help to create a safe, fair and enjoyable auction environment for both bidders and auctioners.


As a bidder, you are responsible for reviewing and understanding FishPal's policies which are intended to:
- Minimise risks to bidders and auctioners
- Provide equal opportunity to all bidders
- Provide an enjoyable bidding experience

Bidders cannot:
  • Commit to buying an item (either by winning the item or buying an item in a Buy It Now listing) without paying.
  • Bid with no serious intention of buying. Most of the items are auction-like listings and each bid is a binding contract.
  • Misuse the bid retraction option to manipulate the bidding process
  • Bid on or buy an item with the intention of disrupting a listing. This is known as unwelcome and malicious buying
  • Engage in shill bidding to increase an item's price or apparent desirability artificially. Bidders on an item must be wholly independent from the seller of that item.
Breaches of these policies may result in a range of actions including:
- Listing cancellation
- Account suspension


Policies and guidelines specifically related to auctioning an item include:
  • Prohibited and restricted items - Auctioners are not permitted to list firearms, knives or livestock.
  • Listing practices - Actions that are not allowed in listings. To promote a safe, fair and enjoyable trading experience, Fishpal has policies restricting the use of profanity, HTML and JavaScript, and links.
  • Completing the sale - These policies are related to transactions. For example, accepting payment and providing and auctioned item that is significantly different from the item described in the listing is not allowed.
  • Breaches of these policies can result in a range of actions, including:
    - Listing cancellation
    - Cancellation of Auction
    - Ban on future Auctions
If in any doubt as to the bidding process or listing process please contact FishPal help desk as soon as possible and we will provide guidance.

FishPal Booking Conditions

This site uses the FishPal booking engine, so if you use our online booking system, or our call centre on 01573 470612, you need to agree to FishPal's booking conditions.

You will be given another opportunity to read all these conditions before doing any online booking, where you have to indicate your agreement to them. They will also be included in the joining instructions you are given when your booking has been completed.