Commercial auctions

What is involved

FishPal runs commercial auctions form time to time (see Forthcoming Auctions) and these are open to any owner to add fishing lots to (we do not accept non fishing lots for commercial auctions)

If you wish, you can set a Reserve price and/or a Buy Now price (see Buy a Lot Now) for your lot and set your own expiry time, although this must be within the dates set for the particular auction. You can also set your lot to be a Premium one with a higher level of display and a link to any web page you host elsewhere for it (there is a £10 charge per lot for this).

We will help your own marketing of your lot by including it in the auction section of our site which is the world's largest online fishing booking site. We will also include it in our fishing availability lists and searches on the main part of the site and also in relevant river and franchsie sites to encourage more bids for you.

At the end of the auction we will collect the relevant money from the bidders and send you a cheque for it

Please note that Commission will be charged on any lot that is sold at 10% +VAT

How to join

Please email details of the lot you would like to add into an auction, including any reserve or Buy now price (to include any VAT you may have to charge) or ring us on 01573 470612.