Quotes taken from an article in the Field magazine

Dave Lambert, Painter. Brighton: FishPal is ideal for poor boys like me. Years ago, I wouldn't have got a shot at some of the rivers on offer. I know a lot of beats are dead man's shoes sort of thing but I can still save up for classy places where I know I won't be wasting my money. I can paint myself silly, keep an eye on the reports and then just go when the right thing comes my way.

Neill Stephen: FishPal is perfect for me. I can finish in the office on a Friday and get up to the Tyne knowing I'll get two full days at absolute prime time. FishPal also gives me freedom of choice. I used to fish with my grandfather and we'd go to the same river at the same time of the year every year. I'd get bored of the usual beats and we were hardly ever there at the right time. Moaning about conditions was one of the joys of salmon angling before FishPal came along. If you get practised on FishPal, you begin to predict water levels and fish runs more and more precisely. You'll see what tributaries affect particular river systems and how the fishery will respond.

Fishery owners

Will Browne-Swinburne, Chollerton, Tyne: Taking on, investing in and managing a salmon beat is always a challenge. FishPal has presented our beat well, delivered a great level of interest and frankly made the whole process trouble free. A brilliant service!

John Veitch, Lochy fishings: Our first year using Fishpal has been a great success. Many new anglers had the opportunity to come and fish our wonderful river for the first time thanks to a flexible and easy to use letting process. Many are returning in 2012. This is real value-add!

Lyndsey Farmiloe, Lower Itchen fishery: We went 'live' on the Fishpal website earlier this year for our trout and salmon fishing with our coarse and grayling fly fishing going live in September 2011. The way we run our fishery with all the different beats and types of fishing is fairly complex and I wasn't sure that the Fishpal website would be able to accommodate all our requirements. However, all the staff at Fishpal were so helpful and professional and took the time to understand our requirements and make any necessary changes to cater for our booking system which was very impressive! Everyone at Fishpal is extremely friendly and they can't do enough to help. A big 'thank you' and 'well done' is deserved!


John Hiles, Nith Rods: I am pleased to inform you that all three timeshare rods that were advertised on FishPal are now sold. I was very pleased with the response to the advert, and I consider it very good value for the fee charged. Many Thanks, JDH

John Price, Spey Rods: I've had success in advertising fishing for sale on FishPal. Enquiries were received from abroad as well as from the UK- from where the eventual buyer came. Very reasonable rates, flexibility to change the advert as rods were sold and worldwide coverage give unmatchable value for money. John Prince


River managers

Mark Bilsby, Dee: The Dee owners have taken the FishDee franchise from FishPal for many years now and it has been a most successful collaboration for us. FishPal's whole innovative approach has transformed the way that salmon rods are let on the Dee, giving prospective tenants much better information than they ever had before, both online through their network of sites and via their excellent help desk. The franchise has also brought an income stream into the River and helped us to fund and highlight the work being done by the Fishery Board and River Dee Trust to continually improve the Dee. FishPal have been easy and helpful to deal with throughout the franchise, and we look forward to a further long working relationship with them to continually develop the system for the benefit of all anglers and beats on the Dee.

Nick Chisholm, Annan: The River Annan Board and River Annan Trust has been using FishPal for several years now and the service has revolutionised the way in which we keep our anglers interested and generate access to our fishing. As well as helping anglers to make informed decisions, we also generate much needed revenue to invest into conservation work on the river, which ensures that our catches are increasing in a sustainable manner. All in all it has been a tremendously successful collaboration. Thanks FishPal!


Jock Monteith, Scotland: The initiative of Fishpal has been a monumental breakthrough for the Scottish salmon fishing industry permitting accurate information & easy booking access to the world for what used to be a very inaccessible and archaic procedure. Personally I think the directors should be on the New Years honours list and may their brilliance be accepted globally with the same speed they sorted out the Scottish salmon fishing scene. Full marks guys.

Gary Scott, Scotland: Fantastic service and a great company. I recommend fishpal all over the world! The website has opened fishing to the world