Syndicate Rods

What is a Syndicate Rod?

These rods allow the right to fish on a beat on the same day of each week during a specific period.

They can be for the whole season or just a part of it, and for every week, or every 2nd, 3rd or 4th week.

They are a great way for local people to get good value fishing on a regular basis

Syndicate or Timeshare rod?

Syndicate rods should not be confused with timeshare rods.

Syndicate rods are renting from the beat owner for the relevant season.

A timeshare rod is owned in perpetuity. It may be for a rod each week like a syndicate rod, or for a regular week each season.

For details of Timeshares to buy or sell please go to our Fisheries for sale page

Find Syndicate Rods

These rivers advertise syndicate rods to let on our system:




You cannot book these rods online, so please ring the relevant number on the advert.