Still Waters

What is a stillwater fishery?

The term 'Stillwater fishery' generally refers to commercial fisheries that operate on reservoirs, but can also include fisheries on lochs and lakes, both large and small.

The main species of fish is rainbow trout, but some fisheries also offer brown and other types of trout, and a few have pike, coarse fish and even, more controversially, salmon

Most fisheries are stocked, but some species can be wild.

How are they run?

Most fisheries are commercially run with ticket offices and tackle shops on site, so you can buy your permit and tackle when you arrive. The more go ahead fisheries are now using this site to offer permits on line, allowing people to be certain of getting a ticket and to start fishing as soon as they arrive.

Trade associations

The best run fisheries are members of a trade association whose role is to help raise and enforce proper standards. In England and Wales, the association is the STFA (Stillwater Trout Fisheries Association) and in Scotland the ASSF (Association of Scottish Stillwater Fisheries)

Finding fishing

Use our Find by species search form in the'Fishing to let' menu, to search for Rainbow trout fishing.

Alternatively use the lists below to find your favourite fishery. We have marked those that are members of a trade body and also those that offer fishing through our online booking system:

Lists of fisheries