Other Species


Many trout anglers also fish for grayling, particularly in the winter when trout fishing is out of season. A number of salmon rivers are now encouraging grayling fishing during the salmon close season.

Grayling, also known as the 'lady of the stream', can be found in rivers in the south of Scotland, England and Wales and other parts of Europe.

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Arctic char

These can be found in Iceland and Norway and a number of other countries where they are actively fished for. In Scotland there are known populations but fishing for them is discouraged to help conserve them.

To find Arctic char fishing, go to the Iceland section.


Dollaghan are found in Northern Ireland and behave very like sea trout but inhabit Lough Neagh, Europe's largest inland lake, instead of the sea.

To find Dollaghan fishing, go to the Ireland section.

Grayling fishing

Grayling fishing on the Annan, southwest Scotland.

Golden dorado

These fish run some rivers in Argentina and will be making them available in our forthcoming section on South America.

What else?

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