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River Moy
River Moy ,MoyThe Moy in Co Mayo is the most prolific salmon river in Ireland. The Foxford Rocks beat is situated above and below the village of Foxford, about 7 miles from the tide and downstream of the first major junction so it sees tens of thousands of fresh run fish. This fishery has been developed during the last five years to make it the best fly fishery on the lower Moy. Records are not accurate because the current owner has allowed access to some local fishermen at times but estimates indicate 300+ per season. There is a bag limit of three fish per day and is catch and release thereafter. Unlike the rest of the lower river down to Ballina, which is all slow water, the Foxford Rocks has a very considerable gradient and a good flow throughout the beat. New pools have been expertly designed and constructed to accentuate this and to allow the fly to fish with minimal assistance. It is an exciting stretch to fish, although not at all difficult, particularly in the lowest two pools. There is easy parking on the river bank. The sale is of exclusive fishing rights and bed and soil of the river with access. Offers over 200,000 euro's. Please contact Charlie Baker for further details. 07979 596859
Scottish Carp Group
Scottish Carp Group,WANTED Stillwater Fisheries. The Scottish Carp Group, a coarse angling club based in central Scotland & established in 1988 are looking for possible new waters that can be fenced to prevent access to Otters. Ideally, available waters would be on private land with no or limited public access. We are flexible with location but being in or close to the central belt is preferred. A variety of types of water would be of interest from old estate lakes & pools to disused gravel pits. If you have something available, please contact Saul Gardiner07831 741092

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