Small Fly

Tweed catches more
Salmon than any
other UK river

2010 season broke
all previous records

We are Tweed's
largest letting agent
on the river

And the first agent with online booking, river levels and daily catch updates

Medium Fly

Catches for season so far

This page shows the aggregated results for the beats shown on this website only.
For individual beat results, please see the relevant beat catch page
The charts below are for salmon only and are remade each morning at 3am

by Month
 : 5-yr Ave (2012~2016) : 2016 totals : 2017 totals
 : off-season : no data yet

Year by Area
All beats by Period
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To date
 : 5-yr Ave (2012~2016) : 2016 totals : 2017 totals
 : no data yet
2017 figures are for year to date only

All beats by Period: Spring, season start to 31st May; Summer, 1st June to 31st August;
Autumn, 1st September to season end.