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Last updated: Monday 9th July

Monday 9th July

It's been an unusual year to date. I think 2 sea trout today and record low water levels.

That didn't stop an opportunity this evening to hook briefly three small 2 - 3lb Sea Trout. Rockery, head of Broadfield and tail of Broadfield. They are getting through, not in great numbers but the opportunity is there. The fish in the Rockery came twice and missed at 1900 and then at 2030, it didn't come short! Lost at the net and v clean.

I am hopeful of some rain at the tail end of next week. It will probably be fast and furious but will hopefully be enough to bring in some overdue fish into the system and give it a bit of a flush

The river this evening is rich with small par and schools of younger fish, hatched in May. Shoals of them in the tail of Broadfiled and Rockery.

Let's hope we get a bit more than a flush very soon!


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